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I want to do my part for the environment. Honestly, I do. But as a busy mom I can tell you that when push comes to shove, I've been known to toss my recycling in the trash or dump the vegetable scraps down the disposal instead of the compost bin. That's why I thought we all could use some REAL green tips. You know, ways to help our environment that real, live moms can take to the bank.

Tip # 1: Reusable cloth bags are a great idea for grocery shopping. But, hello? I buy enough groceries for a small army! Plastic bags are polluting the earth and paper bags are killing trees. One thing I have found out that works well is to save all of my plastic bags from a grocery trip and bag them all up together. I then hang that bag by the place where I keep my grocery list so I can throw them both in my purse on the way out the door. Get as many uses as possible out of them!

Tip # 2: Carpool, for Heaven's sake! I see mom after mom riding around in their big, fat SUVs with one or two kids in tow. Talk with others at dance class, karate class, piano lessons, school, whatever. If you're close and headed in the same direction, then why not just take turns? Also, if you're headed out for errands, why not check with your neighbor and find out if you can save her a trip out. Perhaps all she needs is a few boxes of spaghetti noodles. One less driver on the highway, one happy family at dinner time!

Tip # 3: Quit with the chemical dependency. Harmful chemicals are being added to our water supply and homemakers are largely responsible. You do not need a hose to put out a fire, so when it comes to cleaning, there's no reason to douse everything in bleach and antibacterial spray. Just mix up a little castile soap and water for a safe, nontoxic all-purpose cleaner. If you do need to go for the heavy duty stuff, do it sparingly.

The most important thing to remember, above any tips or tricks or marketing ploys, is that our world indeed needs our help and everyone-that includes moms-can do something about it.

Source by Hannah Keeley

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