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RB Scrap Metal Recyclers

Your specialist East Rand scrap metal dealers.  

We are scrap metal traders, merchants and suppliers with over 20 years experience in the industry. We offer “weigh and pay” services: we collect the scrap metal at your address, weigh it on site and pay you before we remove it from our recycling yard. We have passion for the scrap metal industry, and believe in working hard.

What we offer

We also offer special demolition, stripping and cutting services. No metal structure is too large for us to dismantle, strip and remove. We accept all varieties of metal from wrought iron to products of tin and light metals, as well as any non ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass ect. Similarly we do not consider any piece of scrap metal as too small for our focused attention.

About RB Scrap Metals Products

RB Scrap Metals procure scrap metal from all potential formal and informal suppliers, including, enterprises in the construction, engineering, mining and automotive sectors, demolition enterprises, municipalities, private individuals and hawkers. We always ensure we giving you the best prices for your scrap metal.

RB Scrap Metals

101 Porter Ave, Brakpan, 1541

Founded as a family scrap metal dealer almost 30 years ago, RB Scrap Metals has grown to become an established and well-recognised scrap metal dealership. Located in Brakpan, East Rand, RB Metals prides itself for it's competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with us and leave a message or request a call back, and we’ll promtly assist you with your Scrap Metal Needs.

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